Spring Time Windowsill

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With so many changes afoot, I’ve been thinking more about bringing the springtime indoors. Colour (and especially of the plant variety) always lifts my mood when the outside situation isn’t great.

I was looking at Winifred Nicholson paintings to get some plant inspiration this morning. I’d previously done some paintings using some plants I had, which have now gone outside. Now the bulbs have had to go, I was feeling at a bit of a loss for inspiration. 

So I’ve had to come up with a few new ways of thinking about what I’ve already got and doing some rearranging. Shelf arranging is my all time favourite activity, so I’ve had a switch around and have brightened up my windowsill with lots of plants from around the house. Having them all in one place has brightened up my workspace, and brought an extra bit of colour into my day. 

I’ve arranged some little still lives, giving me lots of new ideas and vastly different work to what I was doing before. These little set ups are lovely for changing every now and then and really getting your ideas refreshed if you’re feeling a bit stumped, whether you’re a painter or not. I’ve popped some arrangements below which I’ve been playing around with all day. Over the next few days I’ll be drawing from them, and giving you little pointers so you can do the same from your own still life set ups.

Nicholson, Winifred; Honeysuckle and Sweetpeas; Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums
Hyacinth Pot (detail) Oil on Board

Thanks so much for reading!

India x

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